Saturday, February 23, 2008

A Heat wave!

Spring is in the air...I think. It is going to be 34 degrees today! So I thought I would add some Springiness to my nest. I was at my favorite once a month sale Mustard Moon on Thursday and I picked up a few things to lighten my mood. Here is a bunny from my favorite artist Suzanne! She is in a new shop next door to Mustard Moon and the shop is called Carver Creek Dry goods...Isn't this bunny sweet and glittery? thanks for lifting my spirits Suzanne! I am busy today redoing my studio/ to come. Have a great weekend!


Pretty Practicals said...

Hi, I love the rabbit, very cute, I can't wait for the warm weather to truely arrive here in Wales. It still swings from freezing cold to just above cold!
Chat soon, Liz

Martha said...

Oooo! Cute bunny!

You have been attacking your house and making me feel extremely lazy, Miss Not-So-Tattered-Nest!!!

Can't wait to see your office. I'm loving this weather. I'm feeling hopeful for spring now!