Tuesday, May 29, 2007

It feels like Monday...

Addison is down for a nap, perfect time to post! I hope everyone had a nice weekend...We had a very good one. Our family took my Mom to brunch and then on to four different cemeteries and placed flowers on the graves andwe all reminisced...Cemetery hopping is not that bad. It was good to be with loved ones who were all feeling the same about the ones we have lost..We visited big graveyards and a very special small one where my Mom's sister is buried, it is out in the country in the middle of nowhere on a hill and all around it was green lush farmland, the air was fresh and it was beautiful sunny day. My Mom was happy... We also got all of our planting done this weekend! yeah! and of course can't forget a picture of our Guard Cat(Skippy) hiding in the ferns keeping watch!
The weekend went to fast! and it feels like it is Monday....

Friday, May 25, 2007

great idea...

Just another great idea that Country Home has come up with...Matching wicker plant stands that serve as the base and then they added glass to the top and it becomes a desk, they also added glass on the sides and used them as shelves. Clever. I have one wicker plant stand in my summer porch...I guess I know what I will be hunting for at the next flea market! I hope everyone has a relaxing Memorial Day weekend! what are your plans?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

A lazy afternoon

It's a rainy dreary day here today...what else is there to do but lounge around on the living room floor! Hope your day is going great....

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Garage sale table

Here is the table I got garage sailing on Sat. (It is the picture on the far left) It needs to be stained and varnished but for now I think I will just leave it natural,I love it..it is square nailed and has a bread board top and it looks good in my garage studio with my white chairs. My garage studio has now become the playhouse...my great nieces play in there for hours! they invited me to their tea party and we sat and drank tea around the coffee table. They are so sweet!

Saturday, May 19, 2007

a beautiful day...

The sun was shinning bright this morning as my sister in law and I hit the road to attend 70 garage sales! We got there at 7:45 and by ten o clock we were ready to get out of there...you could hardly drive thru the streets. (very crowded)I got a great primitive pine table that will work nicely in my garage studio as a sewing table..it was only 25.00. And of course bags of to cute baby clothes for Addison..I can not resist baby shoes! and I always find a purse or two. I will post a picture of my table later.. Then my husband and I were off to the Minnesota landscape Arboretum...we must of walked ten miles! It was gorgeous! The azalea's were in full bloom and I took this picture of these beautiful pink tulips mixed in between the lime green hostas, a great combination. After we couldn't walk anymore (I knew I shouldn't of worn my flip flops) we had a little lunch and I got home just in time to go see the movie Shrek 3...with three of my great nieces and nephews and their Moms. It was a good movie, a little slow at first but the kidlets loved it.I will always like Shrek 1 the best. After a long day my screen porch is calling me..time to relax.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

garage studio

I thought I would post a little corner of my garage studio...I spent most of last Sat. cleaning it up and putting it together. What fun! felt the creative juices revving up again! I have a full wicker set out there with lots of old architectual pieces and old doors and windows. My little great niece calls it the fort! I am putting a screen door on the side entrance to keep the mosquito's out, it is a nice place to sit on a rainy or windy day!

We were cleaning out the fish pond today and our killer kat Skippy sure had her eyes on this bin full of fish! when they are in the pond,she doesn't even notice them, even while taking a drink out of the pond! but today was different...you see we have her on a very short leash! Skippy is the best cat ever! she is about 16 years old and has diabetes...she never leaves my husbands side. ( and he is allergic to cats!)

breaking news...

Hello Diet Coke addicts...just hot off the store shelf is Diet Coke plus with vitamins and minerals added! I love diet Coke and I know I shouldn't drink so much of it...but now I have a way of justifying it! VITAMINS ADDED!

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

My Mother's hands, now aged and wrinkled are so beautiful to me...They represent a life of Service, Sacrifice&Simplicity. Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love u.

a little planting...

I started my planting today, even though I can't plant anything in the ground just yet, I just had to fill this cement planter that I bought at the flea market yesterday...Happy planting everyone!

to flea market we go...

Yesterday it was clear skies and 75 degrees as I headed out to the Rochester Flea market with my friend Lynn, posted is a picture of her and a couple of her finds...we had so much fun! It was so much more relaxing for me this time around...I didn't have to run around and hurry to fill my truck with a happy load for the shop! (like the guy in the picture) I just took my time and helped my friend find stuff for her shop...The best part of the day was sitting down after walking for hours and having taco in a bag...I wish I would of taken a picture! It is a clear heavy bag filled with cheese, nacho chips, hamburger, salsa, sour cream, onions, lettuce and olives. It is the best! It is a tradition...we have it every year. It was also nice running into dealer friends and catching up on the latest.

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

Mother daughter tea

Addison and I had a lovely afternoon at my Mom's assisted living today...they had a mother daughter tea for Mother's day. The picture above is of my Mom, my oldest sister (she is 62, doesn't she look great?) and of course Addison. We all sang songs and had beautiful desserts and we all shared a special story about Mom...( well, I should say my sister did, I am not good at public speaking). Addison loved the carrot cake! I wish Addison's grandma (my sister) was there..We miss you Diane!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Bye Bye Antiques...

Well. My antique sale was a success! I was almost sold out by noon! the best part was seeing the huge smile on my husband's face as he looked around the empty garage. He hasn't had a garage to call his own in a very long time. It felt really good to purge! get rid of it all and have a clean slate! On to the next chapter in my life...I will let you know when I find out what that is! Until then I am happy holding my little niece tightly on my lap...

Friday, May 4, 2007

Inspiration Friday...

I saw this cute garden apron in the Romantic Home Sewing book and I want it! The golden rule in Minnesota is to plant no earlier then Memorial Day...I think I might have some time to whip this together...Happy planting everyone!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007


Do any of you ever feel.... OVERWHELMED this time of year? My to do list is way to long...I spent the day yesterday ( well, not all day...while Addi napped) cleaning the garage and pricing all my left over antiques from my business for my garage sale on Sat. Here is a picture...what a mess! I had to stop and enjoy my tulips, the weather here has been gorgeous! But as I was taking the picture I looked up and noticed my trim needs painting bad! (add that to the list). After the garage sale it is on to adding all new soil to my gardens and the best part...planting!! Take time today to enjoy the tulips!! take care,Gail