Monday, August 6, 2007

get any good purses lately?

That is what I am asked quite often...I have been called the queen of friends envy me...for some reason when I am out junking they gravitate towards me...I can get skunked at a dozen sales, not a antique in sight but I always find a purse! not just any purse, specifically Kate Spade purses...the one pictured here is a knock off. But I have gotten so many compliments on it this summer I hate to retire is getting dirty. Oh well,I figure if I can't find antiques at least my day was made by finding a cute purse..

Addison's first jeep ride!

Addison had her first Barbie Jeep ride yesterday....her big sister Karissa was happy to take her on her first ride(but got a little tired of her passenger after awhile)...Addison loves it! I would of loved to have one of this when I was little...