Monday, April 2, 2007

A Book Review

Hello, it's Monday...another dreary wet day, Yesterday it was much of the same weather so my husband and I and his sister and two boys piled in the car and headed to the outlet mall. We had a nice lunch and alot of fun! my little nephew Logan is so funny... After shopping all day I was cold and tired, so I put on my jammies and climbed into bed and finally got around to reading the two books I had ordered. A couple weeks ago I had read Allison's blog at my cozy home about the books she had ordered and I was inspired...One of them was Where Women Create, and the other was called Romantic Home Sewing. I really liked both of them. But I liked Romantic home sewing the best, it was full of sewing ideas and patterns that I can't wait to try....from purses to lining old wire locker baskets...I will have to post my new creations as soon as I am finished. It was a nice way to end a fun but tiring day! take care, Gail