Saturday, April 19, 2008

looky looky

Looky what I bought...I have been dreaming of a laptop for about a year...and finally got my pennies together and bought one...I love it! I am on the go so much with Addi...I will be able to blog from her house and the playground! and it will be really handy when my Mom is going through surgery and rehab. On my way to my Mom's on Thurs. I saw a garage sale sign! the first one this season...yay! I had to stop, and boy am I glad I did. I found this sweet side chair for 25.00! It is old and had just been recovered in a black linen fabric! I stuck it in my dinning room in the corner by my mantel for now...very comfy! I looks ok with my black harvest table and bench but it is a little crowed in there,I might have to move to the spare room...Enjoy your weekend!