Friday, August 24, 2007


duh. I forgot to post this picture on my last post...anyways, it is of the framed flash card I purchased at the Mustard Moon sale! I think it looks cute in my little cupboard in the bathroom...

Junking with Addi

Yesterday Addi and I (we are better known as Addi Gail) met up with a friend and we went to a once a month sale at Mustard Moon in Carver Mn. I love this sale! the line was long when we arrived, but as usual the owner Jane Hall did not disappoint...she is amazing! great prices, fun displays and if you don't walk away with anything, you at least came away with some new inspiring ideas! Addison loved all the excitement and attention she received at the sale! Jane tried so hard to get her to come to her but Addison has been very clingy to me lately(I call her wood tick). It was great to see Jane and some of my dealer friends from the Buffalo Nickel...I miss that the most. I bought a cute pine tote and a framed flash card that says beautiful which is now in my bathroom. I can't wait until her fall sale next month, it should be beautiful! Have a great weekend...I will be busy painting my living room.