Saturday, August 16, 2008

images of a flea market

Bright and early (4:45am) yesterday morning,my friend and I headed off to Oronoco, Minnesota to find the bargains at their annual flea market. I got ready the night before and got out my flea market bag... that by the way I made myself from a Amy Butler pattern...I love it! it is a perfect hands free little over the shoulder bag! I loaded it up with my cash and other flea market essentials. The morning started out really foggy which you can see in my pictures. After a two hour drive we arrived in Oronoco, which is the name of a little town nestled in the hills of Minnesota, it basically shuts down it's little streets and the whole town becomes the flea market. I have a picture of our trucks parked in some one's back yard up against their house! and you can see how the antique vendors set up in the resident's back yards is so much fun! We spent the day looking for bargains and doing a lot of chit chatting with our antiquing was so nice to see everyone again! Here are some of the pictures I took yesterday...enjoy!