Saturday, May 12, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

My Mother's hands, now aged and wrinkled are so beautiful to me...They represent a life of Service, Sacrifice&Simplicity. Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love u.

a little planting...

I started my planting today, even though I can't plant anything in the ground just yet, I just had to fill this cement planter that I bought at the flea market yesterday...Happy planting everyone!

to flea market we go...

Yesterday it was clear skies and 75 degrees as I headed out to the Rochester Flea market with my friend Lynn, posted is a picture of her and a couple of her finds...we had so much fun! It was so much more relaxing for me this time around...I didn't have to run around and hurry to fill my truck with a happy load for the shop! (like the guy in the picture) I just took my time and helped my friend find stuff for her shop...The best part of the day was sitting down after walking for hours and having taco in a bag...I wish I would of taken a picture! It is a clear heavy bag filled with cheese, nacho chips, hamburger, salsa, sour cream, onions, lettuce and olives. It is the best! It is a tradition...we have it every year. It was also nice running into dealer friends and catching up on the latest.