Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Birthday Boy

Today is my husband's birthday! I don't speak of him much on this blog ...sometimes there are people so close to you that words for them do not come easy...but I will try. I have known him almost all my life, he has always been a constant. He is a strong man with a gentle soul. Once I read a online survey that he had filled out and one of the questions was What is your favorite scent? His answer was: my wife's hair. Don't u love him already? and he cooks too! Sometimes I think my family likes him more than me. He has been called the Mr. Rogers of our family...we have 30 nieces and nephews! and they all gravitate towards him...that says alot about a guy! He reminds me everyday of how he loves me, not always with words but by his actions, he has gotten into the habit of tucking me in at night when I go to bed before him...what a way to end each day....what a blessing. Happy Birthday!!! I love you!