Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Home Tour...

Welcome! Theresa at Notes from a Cottage Industry is hosting a home tour today...I have joined the tour so please go on over and check out all the wonderful homes she has listed! I have a problem, I have been trying to post a few pictures and for some reason it is not working today! So, I will have to ask you to scroll down to some of the many posts I have done this month on my home. Sorry about that. Enjoy!!!!


Heidi said...

I am so sorry that blogger is acting up and won't let you post the photos! I know you have a warm and inviting house of festive cheer from all the photos you posted up to now.

~~ Heidi ~~

Kim -today's creative blog said...

Gail, I saw your post on Notes from a Cottage industry. When I visited, the ornament made me fall out of my chair, I knew I must feature you today on Today's Creative Blog.
Email me for your blinkie. All featured bloggers get a blinkie.