Tuesday, April 15, 2008

You've got mail!

I came home yesterday to find a package in my door...yay! my sweet friend Heidi from Celebrate the Seasons sent me this box full of yummies from the Netherlands...some dutch chocolates, 3 magazines from her country, ribbons, and a beautiful fob made by Heidi! and she was so sweet to remember Miss Addie..with a teddy bear! Addie will love it..thank you Heidi! We decided it would be fun to do a swap of our local magazines and such...this was so much fun! 70 degrees today! I got my flip flops on and ready to go...Have a great one.


Wild Rose said...

Heidi is so sweet ~ what a lovely swap.

I just stopped by from Hedgerow Hollow to say hello. I've enjoyed my visit.

Marie x

Heidi said...

Hi Gail! I got your email and then decided to check your blog. I am so thrilled you like your little gifts! I could not resist the bear for Addie. I really was starting to worry as Jos sent it priority and you still did not have it. It is there and now you can enjoy seeing what interior magazines from here are like. This was so much fun to do that we should repeat it again one day in a different season of the year.

Hugs ~
Heidi (who loves the nest so much that I did not put it away with my Easter decorations but still have it sitting out. Thanks again!)

Sandy said...

Yummy, what a great friend!