Sunday, January 20, 2008

Project complete...kinda.

Project number two complete! well, not exactly but close, I need to buy some brown pillows and add a few more things but at least the painting is done! My husband and I are really having fun working together on these weekend projects...who knew? painting could be fun? now wallpapering, that is a different story, I won't even go into the nasty details of our wallpapering experiences. Below is a picture of the room tore apart yesterday morning, and then this morning. It is hard to tell the difference in wall color in these pictures but before it was a tanish green color and now it is just tan.It may be -15 below this morning but at least the sun is shining! I think it is time to relax a little...we are thinking of going to a movie this afternoon. Juno? Bucket list? Have a good Sunday blog buddies!


Martha said...


It looks great!

I saw Juno and LOVED it!


Laurie & Chris said...

The project turned out very nice.

Jennings said...

Hi! I found your blog through today's creative blog and wanted to let you know that your home is beautiful. I think that project #2 was a success. It turned out beautifully! Have a great day!

Heidi said...

Hi Gail! It must feel so good to be getting so much done already in 2008. The color is fab! I had a color like this from here and it was too bright. I don't think we can get Ralph Lauren paints but have a new series called Painting with the Past which I really like.

We have to start soon too. Our living room was painted 10 years ago and needs redone since we have a woodstove. I also want to do some accent walls in my bedroom and the guest room. I have had the paint for months. You have inspired me to just start. I am waiting for DH but I think I will try it on my own again. Not easy for me with my physical limitations but I am going to give it a try.

I love the old pail you have sitting on the suitcase. Was it a milk pail? I also love your headboard so much! It almost looks like a transformed door. Are there any special stories behind the pieces in the room? I love hearing about antiques and things.

Hugs ~

Jean said...

Your bedroom makeover looks great! You two are ambitious!

~ Junkyard Jennifer said...

It looks very nice! And, very cozy! I really like your curtains, shams, and bed spread(?)/duvet cover. That print is so pretty!

Sunnispace said...

Wow - looks so cozy and I love the colors! Beautiful!