Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Four Generation picture...

My family was flattered to be asked to pose for a four generation picture for a brochure promoting my Mom's assisted living facility...Isn't Addi the sweetest? on the left is her Mommy and me in the back and my Mom...It was really nice to have this professional picture done for us. But it was bittersweet...Instead of me in the picture it should of been my sister who passed away 15 years ago. Addi is her granddaughter and Addi's mommy is my sister's daughter. When my sister passed her daughters were 14 and 18 and she asked me to always look after them.I promised I would...this came very naturally since I was very close with my nieces since they were babies, well fast forward 15 years and both of my nieces are beautiful women who each have two children of their own (one of which is Addi) I am looked at as their Grandma and not having any children of my own, well all I can say is I am blessed! I feel guilt sometimes, especially at really important moments with my nieces(their weddings, births, four generation pictures,etc.) that my sister is not there and that I am. As I write this my little niece Addi is playing at my sister would love her so!


Dana said...

God bless you for being there for your sisters family. I'm sure she would be very pleased that you are there to help guide them through life.

Utah Grammie said...

The photo is beautiful! Reminds me of one I remember at my Mom's assisted living :

" The sunset is no less beautiful than the sunrise."

Enjoy them - cherish them and take lots of photos!

Laurie said...

You all look beautiful! That baby has such a precious smile. Thank you for sharing!

Kari & Kijsa said...

What a beautiful family photo-a treasure for years to come!
kari and kijsa

Cottage Contessa said...

What a beautiful picture, and what a very special lady you are!