Friday, June 8, 2007

Inspirational friday

Yeah! It's Friday...I found this picture in my Romantic Home Sewing book, I would love to curl up this weekend and read a book in this cozy bed...better yet, if it were up by the lake in a little cottage! perfect. I am going to try and relax this weekend and read a book, but first things first...gotta go junking tomorrow morning bright and early! I hope everyone has a relaxing rest filled weekend...take care. p.s. sorry about the crooked scanned picture.


cityfarmer said...

I hate crooked scanned pictures, except for yours.

cityfarmer said...

Looking for some sari like fabric to do this for a client....yummy

Michelle said...

Looks like we have junking in common! I am the biggest sucker for a garage sale and the trash! My family has even become trained and they constantly bring me stuff that they find out of the trash! LOL They are my most prized posessions believe it or not!

THanks for sharing! Did you find anything good?