Thursday, April 19, 2007

Porch Request

"It's a Mom Thing" blog graciously asked me to post more pictures of my screen porch...she is planning one for herself. So here they are.... Not many flowers in bloom this time of year, but just wait! take care,Gail


it's a Mom thing said...

It is beautiful and has given me great inspiration. In some ways, I'm thankful that I'm starting from scratch. We need to tighten the screens, add another coat of paint, and then let the decorating begin. My summer yard-sale goal is to furnish the porch. I'm looking for a settee, a table, and mismatched chairs. And of course, fun accessories.
I just love the light breezy look of your porch, with the grapevine and curtains.
Thank you for indulging me. I'm sure other folks will enjoy these pics, too.

Martha said...


I LOVE your porch!! It's just PERFECT!!

And I wish this were a good weekend for me to go garage saling, or I'd beg you for your address :)

But guess where I'll be? In BUFFALO! I'm going to try and pop into an antique shop or two over there.

I hope you make lots of $$ so you can buy more stuff :)